Cruz’s Fishermen applies the skills that a child already employ in their lives, and have them focus on the those skills, by doing so the child becomes an vital leader in that area and now has a path to follow an assist in helping. 

1 Timothy 3:2

"Now the overseer is to be above reproach, faithful to his wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach."

In the Cruz’s Fishermen organization, we view ourselves as leaders training leaders. Cruz’s Fishermen believe in passing on the characteristic traits to the ones that we directly impact in our lives within the organization and in the communities we live and serve in.

The primary areas of leadership that Cruz’s Fishermen focuses on within the organization are:

  • Self-Control – In the teaching of this characteristic trait, it can be an overwhelming change in the character of children and adults. Our staff demonstrates and understanding which allow the children to develop a sense of worth and value in their own thinking as long as their opinions are expressed in a respectful manner with everyone.  By doing so, Cruz's Fishermen allows the children to have a sense of worth and to value their own opinions as long as, by doing so Cruz’s Fishermen allows the child to have a sense of worth and value in their opinions as long as it is in a manner able and respectable way. 
  • Respect – Everyone desires value and worth. The children in Cruz's Fishermen are given respect that they desire, and in return, the children learn to give the same respect to others. Once the students understand the meaning of their value and worth, they are able to give and receive respect from people they come in contact with in life. The children in the organization are given the respect that they desire, but also learn to give the value and worth to others they come in contact with in life. 
  • Hospitableness – Cruz’s Fishermen believes in an environment where everyone feels welcome and has a sense of peace in the organization. Passing on this trait is more than meets the eye. Cruz’s Fishermen desires this trait to be within our staff and within the children in our organization. 

We put these traits into practice to mentor the children, who we are molding into future leaders.  Our young leaders will model these traits, displaying their learning through their action and work within their own communities.

There are many points of view pertaining to teaching leadership skills; however, Cruz's Fishermen decided to start with these 3 core traits as the foundation and teaching points to nurture other characteristics and traits of leadership.


Cruz's Fishermen from Cruzs Fishermen on Vimeo.