Cruz’s Fishermen, Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Georgia. The purpose of the organization is to develop and inspire children from all walks of life to, bring the next person as you move forward towards your dreams in life. As the children strive together to accomplished their dreams, they are mentored together by accomplished personnel in the desired area of their dreams.

Cruz’s Fishermen has developed specialty programs to reach out to the youth, and also equip the youth with skills needed to achieve their own personal goals in life. Cruz's Fishermen is all about passing down the keys to wisdom to the next generation in the form of events, programs and activities.

The organization implemented a set of programs and events that will assist in the development of the youth in and around our organization. These events, programs and activities are set up to get the youth involved into themselves, relationships, family and community. All the of the programs work together for the “Greater Good” of all that are involved in the process and in the development of the youth receiving the benefits of the organization.

We are here to intertwine communities together, by doing so. Relationships are built and developed along the way, in and around the organization. Cruz’s Fishermen takes pride in setting up an environment that is safe and nurturing for relationship building and great for the community bonding.

Our method and beliefs are based off the quote of ( Matthew 4:19 ). The organization helps the process of building relationships with other and those that are different from us. After that the real journey begins.

Chief Executive Officer of Cruz's Fishermen Inc.

Rory Johnson is a viable piece to the organization. His contribution of time and wisdom to the organization is beyond too valuable to comprehend. Being an Executive Director for a large non-profit organization in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Mr. Johnson has been an active member in the Gwinnett County after school programs.

Chief Financial Officer of Cruz's Fishermen Inc.

Anthony Shy offers wisdom and deep consulting and experience within the outdoor and youth development community. Mr.Shy has traveled around the country and a active member in the community and outdoors sports for the youth.

Secretary/Founder of Cruz's Fishermen Inc.

Brandon J. Young is one of the dreamer within the organization having a background in the area in business. He had a few ideas that just came together, giving all glory goes to Jesus. He desires for the lives within organization to be touched in a way where one could visualize their own dream or passion.