Our Team

Rory Johnson
Chief Executive Officer of Cruz's Fishermen Inc.


Rory Johnson is a viable piece to the organization. His contribution of time and wisdom to the organization is beyond to valuable to comprehend. Being an Executive Director for a large non-profit organization in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Mr. Johnson has been an active member in the Gwinnett County after school programs.

Anthony Shy
Chief Financial Officer of Cruz's Fishermen Inc.



Anthony Shy offers wisdom and deep consulting and experience within the outdoor and youth development community. Mr. Shy has traveled around the country and a active member in the community and outdoors sports for the youth.

Brandon J. Young
Secretary/Founder of Cruz's Fishermen Inc.


Brandon J. Young is one of the dreamer within the organization having a background in the corporate area in business. He had a few ideas that just came together, giving all glory goes to Jesus Christ. He desires for the lives within organization to be touched in a way where one could visualize their own dream or passion.

William Gilford
Director of Business Operation of Cruz's Fishermen Inc.



William Gilford is an well seasoned founder/president and operator of his own insurance organization, equipped with the academic and experience in the business world. He as a believer believes that helping the youth is the key to building a great community. Working with the youth in the business world and in the collegiate coaching environment, is where he feels he is called to pursue his passion.

Connie Williams
Director of Accounting



Connie Williams has a heart for preparation and documentation which fit her talents in the world of accounting. She thrives on educating others, and especially the next generation of the world of account and tax preparation.

Chris Cota
Lead Marketing Director



Chris Cota is a leading marketing director for a high profile marketing firm and transportation company. He promotes the
development of communication to the youth is vitally important for the way business is trending. Mr. Cota enjoys sharing his a
talent in networking and business relations he thrives on helping the youth assisting that you with the same skills.

Connie Newsome
Manger of Coaching and Development



Connie Newsome is a seasoned representative of customer service and training development. Uses her gifts in assisting and
helping others, thought lives experiences. Mrs. Newsome is living a life dream working and passing on down love, wisdom and
joy to the youth.