Cruz’s Fishermen applies the  skills that a child already employ in their lives, and have them focus on the those skills, by doing so the child becomes an vital leader in that area and now has a path tofollow an assist in helping.


Cruz’s Fishermen utilize varies resources to develop, motivate and inspire children to follow their ownDreams in life. One of the primary ways to lead children on this journey is to equip them througheducation, life experiences of a mentor.


Cruz’s Fishermen allow children to invest their own time and resources into not just themselves butinto others, by doing so they are building up skills that will not just serve themselves but willdevelop others to do the same.



Cruz’s Fishermen gives the doors of opportunities to serve others in the communities that we all live and work in, by volunteering children learn the value of servitude. Children will learn the true meaning of purpose.